Artstalker - Wilson Street Gallery


By resident Stalkette - Jess Holburn

Do you ever wake up feeling fundamentally crap after a bad dream? You can't shake it because it felt real and taunted with your emotions and brought up things in the past you'd rather forget. Total mind-fuck territory.

It's still there after your morning cup of coffee. It follows you to work and sits with you in your office chair and it drowns out all of the voices. You're uptight, edgy, numb and pissed off at the world. In spite of all your cynicism, somehow you wind up in a gallery space, you look up and see something that instantly appeases you.

It cleanses and cools the mood, takes you out of your periphery, expanding your perspective. It's an illusory vision and it changes as you stare at it. It's a hypnotically serene image from afar, yet a completely chaotic attack on your eyes when observed up close. It's an abstract and expressionist piece with echoes of Rothko. It speaks to you like it speaks to other people, but you don't mind being just another consumer of art, you're at peace with your place in the universe now.

You walk home and you're glad it's raining. Your cigarette tastes better. People look prettier and you apologise to people for bumping into them with your umbrella. It's like being reborn. Tomorrow will be a new day and tonight you won't have the same dream again. You're really glad you saw this today. Of all days, this was the day to see it. The sky is grey and drenching, all you see and feel is blue. It's good.

You just wish you could afford to buy it and stick in on your wall.