Stylestalker - TARTAN


by resident STALKETTE - Jess Holburn

It's ba-aaaack! Here we have an innovative way of revamping your wardrobe from last season and morphing it into your autumn slash winter collection. Match up all of that denim, khaki and leopard print with some good old-fashioned tartan action! What was once a fad of the early 1990s has finally found a new niche in the now. 

As mastered by the Queen of neo-Scot-Victorian style Vivienne Westwood since the early 1990's, her romanticised and historic-yet-hip comment is made ever more provocative with this pattern clash revelation. So now you can look bookish, chic, cutting edge, vintage and sexy.. All at the same time! Most recently sported by the likes of Agyness Deyn, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and car crash fashion victim Katy Perry, for the gals out there we strongly suggest that you invest in a tartan skirt, shirt, blouse, shorts, jacket, pinafore and or tights.

Typify the look with some Revlon lipstick a la Cindy Crawford. We suggest slacks and or shirts for the guys. Both genders please note not to wear it all over like a pampered pug on a leash, keep it subtle. Get the redder than red checkered versions to make that less is more, va-voom statement. Just ask your helpful salesperson..."Have you got anything redder?" and I'm sure he or she shall accommodate your desires. 
As for the tartan skeptics, we suggest you add a tartan hat, pashmina, scarf or tie to render your boring black ensembles that little bit more enticing and passionate. Use the latest Ksubi range as a reference point to get you started on how to mix it up and get the textures right. 
If you can't afford Ksubi, then simply go visit your local vintage emporium to ransack the racks before everybody else does. You might even pick up an authentic Westwood tartan biker jacket if you hit the jackpot! 

Indeed this is post-post-modern fashion magic at it's best, so make the most of it while it's in, before it goes out again..