StyleStalker - Ellery


By resident Stalkette - Georgie Horn

The Queen of the peplum, Kym Ellery has got to be one of Australia’s best high end designers. I love this chick. Not only did she have my dream job as part of the creative team for Russh, but she is a super talented designer and quickly gaining serious recognition overseas (Rihanna likes her. Woo!)

Without producing unwearable clothing, her pieces show innovation and experimentation and a butt load of shimmery shimmer material. My fave. And they aren’t that RICICULOUSLY overpriced…..compared to other designers. Okay I lie, they are….. But I would save and save and save x infinity for anything of hers.

Her latest collection for spring 2012 will be showing at Fashion week this month and judging by previous collections, it’s going to be a winner. She is always trying out different materials and textures with a perfect blend of muted colours, pastels and metallic shine.

While the textures and material change each season, her mix of structured masculine and feminine silhouettes have become her signature and always look incredible contrasted to the material. Not to mention her amazing chunky heels and biker worthy studded accessories.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.