ZHOU - Stylestalker


Though I can imagine that "ZHOU" is pronounced as such a foreigner ending a sneeze, this one woman Brisbane fashion label has been kicking goals of late - introducing a much needed bohemian, colourful flair to the local fashion network.

ZHOU was started by the delightful 19 year old Madeline Murdoch. A fashion student with a keen entrepreneurial streak in her, noticed the gap in the Brisbane young designer market and taking it with both hands and giving it a good once over thrust herself into a sea of striking prints, mushroom induced colour and a keen attention to texture epitomised in the "Pony Hair" earring and choker collection. With a slew of runway shows under her belt and recognition from the Young Designers of Brisbane market...what can I say? She's on her way.

To be completely honest, it's so nice to see a fash student coming out of the woodwork with something a bit different - you get so tired of the clean cut modern futuristic "I just went for a swim in the Star Wars bucket" kind of look that I'm starting to get in her lost in a sea of orange, pink and lime green with that super Asian model they've got rocking her threads. Speaking of seas, I also wouldn't mind jumping into that fucking delightful looking pool that Ryan Gosling character is standing in (from the YEDP campaign)...I'm getting sweaty just thinking about it...

Let's just say, the label is anything but a snotty Frenchman.

See her personal blog -- http://www.zhouclothing.tumblr.com/ 
See her FB page -- I shan't make you go blind with the link so click here