Something I wouldn't Mind My Fingers Getting Stuck In...- StyleStalker


Oh goodness - forget the butter, scented lubricant or sitting in the sauna sweating out of every orifice - you won't need no slippery fingers to get these bad boys off your fingers or wrists - bless the resin that blew me away.

The trippiest colours and styles - reminiscent of nebulae, exotic mushrooms and a mermaid's menstrual cycle - Hannah Carlyle has my heart and soul with her collection of resin delights. Bracelets, bowls, rings, etc. This unique creator received the NAVA Ignition Award for Professional Practice, 2008, and designed a corporate gift for Ugandan dignitaries as part of the Outreach Program supported by the Cotton On Foundation, 2010. Because of the materials she uses and the nature of her work - no two materials are EVER the same. (quote: habitus living) So that bitch in your forty buck buy from Myer won't be able to steal your night when you serve that shit up in the clubbbb.

Imma put a salad in that bowl and when I get to the end of that salad I am going to see through time through that mystical swirl of DELIGHT!

Get on me and never off me! Check more out here.

But if you're afraid of the interwebs - you can find more of her stuff at the places listed below.

Piieces of Eight – VIC
Artisan, (m)art – QLD
Breathing Colours- NSW
Jam Factory – SA
Zu Design – SA
Red Poles – SA