Baristalker - Little Pantry


Photo cred to - The Urban List

What is this implosion of Brisbane culture lately? It seems like a new hiphop up and coming pops up overnight - this flux of chic and now is becoming almost too much for the citizens of this previously "minding-it's-own-business" kind of town.

Little Pantry is no exception - one of the many cute little coffee shops to do a phoenix and rise from the ashes of an abandoned milk bar on James Street, this one stop avo on toast and a skinny latte is proving a favourite amongst the locals and retailers on the iconic strip.

With indie friendly turned upside down seats and books lined with paperback literature - the place offers a delightful mid-morning atmosphere - just when your head is pounding for that caffeine fix and a plum chocolate brownie (ah...frothgasm) this place offers the quiet appeal of a hidden corner store but makes you feel cool at the same time for finding it.

On the downside, the menu is slightly restricted and the wi-fi often drops out. But that just screams echoes of a little shop finding its feet and I shan't bring them down on that. On the plus side, the coffee is good (using a good old Brisbane friendly DiBella blend), the location is drool-able and the couple that run it offer a smile that makes you feel just at home in their Little Pantry. 

Little Pantry
92 James Street
New Farm