ML Lipshut - Wills her clothes away - StyleStalker


Vintage fashion guru and all round eclectic Mary Lipshut has decided to will away her extensive collection of vintage apparel and accessories to RMIT University.

Miss Lipshut was a friend to the star studded fashion top cats - photos of Gianni Versace, Tai Missoni and Frank Sinatra litter her walls. Lipshut was the first to bring labels like Callaghan, Pucci, Missoni and Courreges into Australia, but was forced to open her own boutiques due to the non-receiving fashion illiterate of the time.

The Vintage Boutique
Over time, Lipshut has been collecting and collecting and collecting - there's thought to be over 4000 garments from the 60's, 70's and 80's lying dormant in her wardrobe.

Let's just say the fash students/ fash packs are foaming at the corners of their mouths to get their hands and eyes all over this delicious array of memorabilia.

But that's not the best part. All of the collection is now avaliable for sale - online. has been launched to see Mary's collection in the rightful paws - the glamazons of the world that can afford to adorn themselves in luxe.




Wrap me in furs Lipshut - I'll be on your site asap.