Baristalker - Arcadia Cafe


It's not often that I return to an establishment for a second dining experience. Now, don't get me wrong, I will always remain faithful to the handful of cafes and sushi stalls that offer me consistent oral delights but I for one am always going to be, experimental, when it comes to those three poignant times of the day where the belly growls for satiation and the tongue tingles in anticipation of stimulation. 

 I like to go here there and everywhere for my food. Never satisfied with one thing on the menu - I'm the one that groans if coffee is always just round the corner or the hangover feed starts and ends with Maccy D's (not that there's anything wrong with those deep fried nuggets of potatoey happiness within their utterly PERFECT hash browns...) because there's a little explorer in me...a little something or other that keeps me pining for culinary adventure. 

I used to work in hospitality and pitied those who'd order the same thing for lunch over and over again. "Ah there you are Bob, another H&C sanga for you today? Toasted? Course it is you prankster! Be right up" Whilst muttering in the corner - branch out you Bob you boring old tit!

But, I was beaten two weeks ago. My mindset was completely and utterly destroyed by a menu, a lunch and a coffee that changed my perspective on becoming a "regular" forever. 

Arcadia Cafe. 193 Gertrude St. Fitzroy. Get your ass on' down there gurlfren'. 

What is it? 

It's Melbourne's iconic baked eggs with roast kumara (sweet potata), italian herbs and juicy, plump chorizo encapsualted in ceramic taking you back to sitting in front of a fireplace in a ski chalet wrapped in a bearskin whilst mulling over a glass of red wine. 

It's perfectly poached eggs, when popped oozing their yolky free range orange goodness over a bed of crunchy butter soaked sourdough, fine pistachio dukkah, roasted red peppers and spinach.

It's roast chicken with sweet aioli paired with lentils, lime, and walnuts. A fine scattering of rocket for good measure.

It's sandwiches featuring the crispiest ciabatta, the freshest produce and the most mouthwatering flavours (famous for a breakfast roll - big brekky all rolled up) - changing every day. 

It's cookies with boulder sized chocolate chips and fresh oats - peanut butter and pecan brownies moist with their buttery delight - it's bing bang get in my mouth and stay there forever please. 

It's deliciousness to the enth degree. The single best brekky/lunch in Melbourne (YES I'M CALLING IT PROVE ME WRONG) You will not know what to do with the menu. All day breakfast and ever changing lunch items. Get on down to this culinary experience purely based on the tastiness that is good food. You'll turn into a "Bob" in no time.