Soundstalker - IS TROPICAL


IS TROPICAL is hardly a name you'd expect from a trio hailing from the shady streets of lower-east- London. IS DAMP, IS CRIME, IS PEDOPHILIA seem more appropriate when we relate these guys to their local area. However, songs such as 'South Pacific', 'Seasick Mutiny' and 'The Greeks' hardly trigger their seedy squallyoaks squat, rather they transport you to a midnight beach party on the shores of some cheap thai island where drinks are cheap, and drugs cheaper. This is all done through those wonky beats(supposedly formed from confusing the tracks on garageband-Seasick Mutiny), tinkering tin sounding guitars, hazy vocals and ripper synths. Hipster bands like this often crop up with their neat one hit wonders, however this time if feel this band, alongside mysterious cousins Wu Lyf have the sound that will last past the hype machine phase.

Get on their album NATIVE TO, dropping on 13th of June.

Melt- IS TROPICAL(Mystery Jets Cover)