The kids are all white.


By Camille Gower

Snowmen. Wedding cakes. Ice cream. Vanilla milkshakes.

None of the above are generally said to be on the cutting edge of sartorial innovation.... Unless one was to combine all four in a Lady Gaga-esque concoction...(even then I imagine the result to be frighteningly reminiscent of a crazed, disfigured marshmallow...)

But in their essential form, snowmen, wedding cakes, ice cream and vanilla milkshakes – they aren’t bad... in fact, they’re all white.

Just like the fashion forecasts for the coming season.

That’s right kids, white: snowy, pristine, the shade du jour at the Royal Wedding of the decade, with Kate all sugar and lace and a little bit of Grace (Kelly, that is).

White was a stand-out favourite for designers including Lover, Arnsdorf, Josh Goot, Michael Le Sordo & Alistair Trung (to name only a few) at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney this month.

Lover flaunted angelic, lacy white ensembles alongside tangerine, scarlet, cheeky beige and black. Michael Lo Sordo’s draped and pleated white gowns were effortlessly elegant while Arnsdorf flirted with casual white separates. Alistair Trung embraced sheer, ethereal whites and Josh Goot packed a punch with sharp, sultry, white suits against brightly coloured neoprene.

Stars at the Logies this year too were all white on the night: Jessica Marais was almost painfully smashing in a milky J’Aton number, while Underbelly star Firass Dirani strutted down that red carpet, looking un-surpassingly dashing in his white dinner jacket.

Dirani may have looked like the cat that got the almost-cream, but... do you have the guts to follow suit?

Yes, white, glorious white... is also the canvas for life’s spills and stains.

So if (like me) you have a nasty penchant for wiping your mouth on your sleeve, and are plagued by general clumsy/messy behaviour which even Napisan cannot undo, then perhaps do not go out and purchase a brand new, skankin’ hot white jumpsuit... A nice white paper crown or crocheted collar might be safest (see the lovely ones below).

However, all you other young lords and ladies out there with proper table manners and a good amount of gravitational awareness; take note! This year, the kids are all white.