Stylestalker - KSUBI Eyewear


By resident Stalker - Jessica Holburn

The new eyewear collection courtesy of Ksubi is all about aviators, thick frames and shades tinted so opaque like a mafia car it's barely believable that one can actually see through them on the other side. Cultural influences extend from Tokyo to Tunisia, from Lady Gaga's paparazzi protection wear to Fear and Lothing's Johnny Depp, from Keanu in The Matrix to De Niro in Casino. All but not to mention them being black and dapper than ever before!

This range is elusive enough to make you look like a sufficiently cool nerd, an incognito spy and or a bad ass militant boarding an escape flight to Muzaffarabad. For all you hipstermattics in need of a spectacle revamp, you'll find this range to be chunkier and thicker than canned soup. Here we have an eclipse of eyewear trends that flatter your face, making your head look smaller and psychologically fooling those around you into thinking you're more mysterious, more popular, more in need of solitude and more in demand than you actually are. Just think of your pupils that need greater protection from sun damage, pterygiums are not pretty people and they are a real pain in the ass to get removed, so here we have maximum shielding from the harmful UV rays: a win win situation.

But for those that require something a little less on the unisex and a little more on the feminine side of things, particularly unique to the collection are the retro blue white floral sunnies also available in charcoal tiger print and haze brown tort, each of the print variations are just delicious.. In a non-edible kind of way. Blend these with your passion for eclectic prints and you are good to go. Why are you still reading my trend banter bullshit anyway? You could put your eyes to much better use by looking at the selection itself. GO GET!