Baristalker - Parlor Milk Bar and Kitchen


By resident Stalkette - Melissa Zheliba

Retro Milk Bar Love

The first time I was brought to The Parlor Milkbar and Kitchen by a dear friend I straight up said to her, “this place is so cute! I’m going to take people here and tell them I found it first.”

And that my friends, is exactly what I have done since that day. Carted my unsuspecting pals to the little gem happily nestled right in the heart of Melbourne’s’ southeastern suburbs and led them all to believe I am the Christopher Columbus of coolness! Sounds sorta petty for a hobby right? Well go have a coffee there and you’re going to want to claim that territory too. I’d put my money on this little bad boy to go mono e mono with the best of them and come out swinging. I’m taking love-heart shaped marshmallows. Yeah, that good.

Big ticks for a lovely, wholesome menu, for being obliging everyday for breakfast and lunch, staying up late on the important nights and for being fully licensed! Extra credit for the… wait for it… charisma ;)

Bf’s who take their gf’s to the Parlor are thoughtful and any stupid thing they do is actually endearing. Friends who go to the parlor are surely going to stay BFFS forever! Children who bring their parents for coffee are talented and precious even if they don’t have a full time job at 22 and work colleagues are impressive and unintentionally intimidating. It’s JUST. SO. FRIKKEN. BLESS.

You have permission to lie to your friends and tell them you discovered it.

40 Weatherall Road Beaumaris VIC 3193
(03) 9515 4514