Soundstalker - Beyonce


Years, months, hours on end, working throughout the night,  just to have your album leaked. Yep, leaking music is a pretty sad thing. All of the build up of hype and excitement, to blown prematurely for quick self satisfaction. And nothing is as good premature...
Musician extraordinaire, Patrick Wolf, has had his 5th record Lupercalia already leaked. For an independent artist, who creates their album from start to finish, this is a kick right where it hurts. So friends, please don't touch these stained goods if you care for music.

However, saying this I have been known to download the sneaky leak from the odd blog. Yet these are the leaks of massive corporate masterminds, songs which have been forged in fiery heart of Mount Dollar, not Doom. A prime example of this is the next processed power ballard by bootylicious Beyoncé - Till The End Of Time.

This song is big. Even bigger than this photo of Beyonce.
With sampling from last year's most exciting track "BTSTU" by genius in hiding, Jai Paul, this track seems to be pushing pop in the right direction... Say you'll never let me go.

 Till The End Of Time - Beyonce
 BTSTU - Jai Paul