Baristalker - Animal Orchestra


You know that time of the year - the air's getting crisp, the moths are being shaken off our jackets and our noses are taking on that  "tickled pink" tinge - hellooooo firsts nips of winter. The time of year you start craving things like hot chocolate and soup. This happened to me the other day - it was frosty frosty frosty and I was craving a good old soul nourishing soup.  

Remembering in the back of my mind that where I get my regular takeaway on the way to uni - one of the cutest cafes this side of Carlton, Animal Orchestra - that some people were busy munching and slurping away on bread and soup - I was intrigued to follow up on their looks of delight and utter nourishment. 

And boy, was I not let down. 

You see, after ingesting their soup special (delicious soul-nourishing (YES) tastebud arousing carrot & coriander soup served with golden, crusty, butter laced sourdough), inhaling a strong cappuccino and enjoying the ambiance of other people avoiding their SWOTVAC study timetables to bask in this Melbourne sun, I have decided they need to rename their cafe to something more appropriate.

Sign here for Animal Orchestra to be changed to Animal Orgasm.

The vibe is eclectic but not overpoweringly so. Going inside, it's a little cramped - a mismatch of chairs and funky antiques line the walls inside and there's a never ending amount of images and cut out newspaper prints on the walls to read as you sit. there's also the delight of spiritual conversation if you are so acquainted with one of the staff members who we spoke to a little bit about how clothes are restricting and we should all run naked and free and live life etc.etc.etc. Crunching stuff. 

The cafe is also pretty well known around the parts for their "baked eggs". See above! They offer 7 types of baked egg (surely that's ludicrous - but nay!) ranging from potato and leek with shanklish, caramelised witlof and goats cheese and chorizo and black pudding (Exotica!). They also do a bircher muesli with stewed rhubarb, something I was infinitely depressed about Seven Seeds taking off their menu. I'll definitely be wolfing down one of these bad boys next time I go - maybe tomorrow? 

Overall, yummy coffee, yummy soup, yummy vibe and yummy baristas. Need I say more?

Animal Orchestra
163 Grattan Street
Opening Hours -- Mon till Fri from 7.30am till 10pm (yes I love beer and wine!)
                             Saturday from 7.30am till 6pm