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As once described by my pedicurist as a "barefoot" girl, I've never been one for dressing up my toots. There could be a few reasons for this. One could be that they resemble feet that could also belong to E.T. (yes my third toe is longer than all my other toes...). Or maybe it's something to do with the fact that when I was young rather than having a conventional imaginary friend I took to naming my feet Angus and Pretty and talking to them instead of engaging with other children of my own age. The thought of putting shoes on Angus and Pretty would be like trapping them in a leathery prison of sweat and toe jam. Delicious.

Nonetheless, when I walked into tom gunn's new flagship store in Brisbane's James Street, I was taken aback. 
Frothtastic, fantastic, fabulous shoes! 

Designed by 
Aussie's Gabrielle Thompson and Shannon Gunn, they define their image with an "edgy and aesthetic" through the use of "paring contrasting textures and colours across each design. 
However, these shoes aren't for the eco friendly, with the designers sourcing the finest leathers and skins for all of their footwear (think the delightful tanneries of Italy). This being said, if you "don't give a cow man" then you will lose your shit at the sight of these bad boys. They even smell good. Mmmm leather...
These lovely ladies will be exhibiting in the upcoming Australian Spring fashion week and if you can't quite make it to their boutique in James Street the following stock tom gunn
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