Soundstalker - WU LYF


W U  L Y F
World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation

Not much has been known about Manchester based group Wu Lyf up until the last few months. Notorious for selling their debut single for $90, telling press to turn up an hour after their gig ended, and generally being mysterious, Wu Lyf have created quite a name for themselves. However they've released details of their debut album, "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain" and have been added to line up of Sydney's Vivid Festival and other dates globally.  Alongside this they've released their first song from the album, LYF, and its fucking good. Fueled by organs, minimalistic electric guitar melodies and lead singer Ellery's howling metal-esque vocals, this is really a unique and promising track for this enigmatic band.
  WU LYF - LYF by FBi Radio
I'm a massive fan of the music but also find their art really interesting.