Baristalker - New Student Hangout


At uni, there's always that one cafe that all the cool kids go to.

You know, the one where they're all sitting there in their fedoras and doc martens looking all lovely and scene talking about the latest Dostoyevsky they've read, how they're going to name their children Ferdinand and Percival and debating whether or not they should go to that lecture or blow it off for some totally new wave grunge post modern rock underground gig in Brunswick.

Maybe that's a rash generalisation, but you get the idea.

RMIT's city campus has a plethora of these hotspots to choose from. Quietly labelled the "arty" university of Melbourne, there's a never ending supply of people with a multitude of piercings and skinny jeans all looking for a place to find their morning hit of legalised mood booster. Though there are a few places (cough Mr. Tulk cough) where these cool cat city slickers congregate, there comes a new black horse in town.

Pearson & Murphy's. Don't let the fairly generic name turn you off - these guys know how to draw a crowd. With an rainbow of mismatched chairs out the front and a simplistic black and white interior this classy little establishment echoes minimalistic charm with just the right amount of edgy to accomodate for those student scenesters. 

With a lunch menu that features the forever favourite of mine - piadina's fuck yeah - and a pretty nice brew on offer (not sure what the beans are but a good barista is a good barista) - I can't really fault this trendy little establishment on what it's offering so far. I mean, hey, it's keeping the hipsters happy. 

Student discount as well - Flash your student card and get $3.60 for a medium (though their size is borderline large) skinny cappuccino extra chocolate (coronary inducing amount of) and an extra shot. They also do tank size takeaways! YES. 

Pearson and Murphy's 
RMIT City Campus 
124 La Trobe St , Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 9639 2777 Fax: 03 9639 2877