Baristalker - Have Muesli, Will Travel


If you're anything like me, which you'd be lucky if you were, there are certain things in life that you're willing to travel for.

For me, these consist of the following.

1. Good coffee
2. Arse flattering jeans
3. Cute baristas
4. Frothworthy Queensland beaches
5. Being on a frothworthy Queensland beach whilst wearing my arse flattering jeans sipping a latte made by that cute barista.
6. Delicious muesli

As much as I wish that this blog post consisted of my experiences of all of these, I decided to indulge with you the latter - I have discovered the muesli Mecca. 

Nestled beneath a crumbly old apartment block only a hop skip and a jump away from the Melbourne botanical gardens, Lawson Grove Corner Store has discovered how to make my tastebuds dance with pleasure through a mixture of oats, cranberries, nuts and honeyed labneh. 

Not only does this muesli satisfy ones oral cravings, it is served in perfect proportion, wet to dry ratio (muesli to yoghurt you fools) being sublime. Your tummy will be pleasantly surprised by the experience of pure satiation rather than food induced pregnancy that muesli + coffee often brings. The best part is that you can purchase the muesli on site, the corner store is actually a corner store. Ha!

Enough about the muesli. The rest of the breakfast menu is quaint and homely - eggs on toast, muffins and brilliant coffee - enough to put a "schwing" in your morning step. 

The staff are polite and inoffensive - letting you sip your coffee in peace while still being lovely and attentive to your needs. They even brought me extra butter for my muffin without giving me that greasy (ha pardon the pun) look of "uh nah you fat bitch i won't help you clog your aorta with this yellow death paste". There's one that is also outrageously cute. You know that kind of "older man" cute? One that you can see putting on a business shirt in the morning and you cooking dinner for every night? Siiiigh gorgeous older man marital bliss.


One downer is that it's cash only, but it's about time we stopped flashing plastic and thought about these tough economic times........yeah fuck off.  

Head on down to Lawson Grove Corner Store -->

1 Lawson Grove, South Yarra - Mon-Fri 7.30am-8pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm - 9866 3640