Baristalker - Wide Open Road


So I've been on hiatus. For about two months. I think it's been the little lack of direction I go in and out of - generally only lasting a couple of months and usually broken by an emotional kick to the shins. Cue getting fired, starting to miss studying and a cute little break up. Hey I'm a resilient chick, but blogging just comes second to life sometimes. 

Nonetheless, who am I apologising to? There's fifty five thousand blogs out there doing the same thing as me - one little voice quietened down for a couple of months - but now it's back with a new set of pipes and a whole lot of fresh stuff to blog about. 

Starting with this - the best cafe I have ever been to so far in my life. Period. 

Yeah yeah, you're all like - shut da fuq up STALKER you say this about every bloody cafe that pops up on this space. What can I say, it's not that we're easily impressed - it's the sheer capacity of the Melbourne cafe standard that has me with a bunch of stars in my eyes every other time. 

That being said, it's going to be hard to top this warehouse style cafe from the guys who are in charge of A Minor Place - a similar style cafe further up the road. 

When you enter the unassuming brick building on Barkly Street you're all but blown away by the smell of their freshly roasted house blend, the sultry aroma of a perfectly poached egg and the eye catching candy of a big, bad barista bench - with cutie bearded baristas in tow. There's something about this place that keeps me coming back - every day for the last six to be precise - what with its spearmint walls, copper piping, communal tables, cosy booths and great big fishtanks that hodge podge around the place. The little touches like cucumber in the bottles of water, pastel ceramics and rapadura suger - making your coffee ever so toffee like. Even the rusty trolleys that look fished straight out of the Yarra add a note of eclectic charm to the place.

Most people come for the coffee - they use their own Bathysphere blend, which consists of Kenyan, Brazilian, Costa Rican and Ethiopian beans. It's actually the best coffee - chocolatey, bursting with berries and that lovely fresh bready afternote you get with coffee. It's got the same caramelisation of coffee's served at the famous Auction Rooms - but with a bit more of a kick. 

What with all the coffee there, you'll stay for the food - with all of the breakfast favourites - house muesli with poached fruits and sweet apple buckwheat pancakes - you'll find yourself spending hours in the place. So far I've had the pumpkin and pecorino soup - in all its cheesy brilliance - and the spiced avocado with roasted capsicum and tobasco on sourdough - nothing quite as delicious as your average breakfast with a spicy kick. My friend had the buttered blueberry bagel with apricot jam and loved it - what's not to love about alliteration, chewy dough and butter? But, I think the next time I go I'm going to have to get the smashed peas with goats cheese and crispy pancetta - it seems to be a crowd favourite - with the grins of customers spreading from ear to ear every time it hits the benches. 

I think it's the warmth of this place that keeps me coming back. It feels so homely, what with friendly staff, delicious fodder and coffee that always makes me order a second.  I find myself at the perfect temperament to write and relax - something that I am usually at a struggle to achieve in these crowded Melbourne cafe hotspots. Personally, this is by far my favourite on the Melbourne map so far. Period. 

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street
Opening Hours
Mon to Sat 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sun 8:00 am - 5:00 pm