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With today's little alternative trend being to name your band with some sort of furry creature in the title (Boy and Bear, Grizzly Bear, Bear in Heaven, An Horse, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes...Christ the list goes on...) it has been rather easy to get confused between the lot of them. 

Not only do they have similar names their sound is also easily confused in the pipeline - a lot of them sound as though the actual animal is screaming or moaning throughout the song (cue "The Knife" by Grizzly Bear...makes me want to gouge out my eardrums with the nearest sharp instrument).

However, whilst trawling the interweb, I stumbled across a band which, from the sight of the name prompted me to sigh and think that mother fucker God didn't spawn enough creatures in that Garden of Eden to accomodate for the lack of creativity in today's music industry. "Hunting Bears". Oh well, we'll give em a shot.

Seeing the video "Heavy Tree" with the most views I thought if any track was to be the money maker, this was it. Boy oh bear! I was hooked instantly by the seductive wailing of a mash up of strings and drums - slightly offbeat and honeyed up by the boy and lass lead singers pipes - Sold. I don't know what it was, but the sound is slightly captivating, you kind of unknowingly sway and close your eyes - a truly cleansing, relaxing sort of song.
Hunting Bears hail from Leeds in the UK and though they haven't had many gigs outside of the Kingdom, I'd shoot a few furry creatures to have them play here in Melbs.

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or hear "Heavy Tree" on BOOOOOOOM    ---->    HERE