Soundstalker - Yeasayer


The Triple-J Hottest 100 has always been a bit of a disputable issue in my eyes. I'm mean, what does it stand for, the 100 most popular songs played on Triple-J or the 100 most popular underground and alternative songs on the radio? Irrespective neither is really conveyed. There are some seriously mainstream, yet simultaneously some what-the-fuq-who-r-u bands in both the final list and possible candidates - Make up your mind Triple-J.  Maybe this is a good thing, the broad spectrum, but shouldn't the plastic cheese pop be deflected onto 2day FM and Nova, with their suppossed 'new music'? Some of ye will be thinking what about winners "Angus, and Julia I'd bone", they're no 'plastic cheesey pop'...... Fair enough, but they're no interesting underground band either...sibling combo, Cough, Jonas Brothers. It's more 'Big Jet Plane' I'm having a stab at, "And The Boys" is infinitely better.

Anyway. Old, old, news.

Enough of the you're shit Triple-J rant, particularly as I want to work there. Awkward. What triggered this sprawl of slagging off was in fact band no.30 on the Shittest 100:
Yeasayer, a bunch of hipster lords from Brooklyn with ever-interesting transforming music. I recently found a performance of the acoustic original of O.N.E on the 'Like a Version' page and it dispelled any doubt i had in these boys talent. It's damn cool seeing the contrast of how songs initially start out and final result. So here is a cheeky download so you can spread the loving (Just give the link a click).
Yeasayer- O.N.E(Acoustic)    

To further nourish this seed sprouting in your minds and hearts, of Yeasayer's genius talent, here too is a remix by the guys. I don't normally listen to remix's. If you looked at my itunes the only remix's you'd see are that of 'The xx-producer god: Jamie XX" and some dirty Yo Majesty hip hop mixes. So this one is a keeper.
Mellow, with a dope bass beat underneath it and a a loop of Florence singing 'happines, happiness', how can you not groove along to this Dog Days mix, plus Florence will be creeping up on the blog soon..
Florence And The Machine- Dog Days Are Over(Yeasayer Remix)

Hold me like before
Hold me like you used to
Control me like you used to