Soundstalker - Professor Kliq


I'm the sort of person that cannot commit to an entire album of music. It's hard enough for me to remember the artist, track name - even more than 27 seconds of a song I like - let alone have the time to allow for the auditory saturation levels that require downloading an album.

So, because of this, I rarely download music. Instead, I rely on shit like tumblr, stumbleupon, and the facebook newsfeed that is suffocated with the music loving friends I have posting their top tracks.

This, however, is something I found all on my own. And, I fucking love it. I found it on this website - - where you pick your drug, your mood and it generates a playlist for you. Heavy. The things we resort to when we don't have the attention span to download an entire album. (For the record...this was LSD, calm - not that I do or am either of those things)

Have a listen.

Overhead by Professor Kliq