Baristalker - Little Mule Co.


It's not often that I revisit cafes. 

I mean what's the big deal in Melbourne - there's always going to be another pretentious hipster frothing nook to go to where I can sit on an uncomfortable milk crate, wonder whether the barista's pube beard has moulted into my dandelion latte and pretend that I am enjoying the ambient cat orgasm music playing on scratched vinyl.

There really is no shortage of that shit in any suburb. 

But for a cafe parked in one of the most alluring laneways for that sort of a crowd in the city, Little Mule Co. escapes that pretentious cafe vibe. 

Albeit decorated with fixies and run down aesthetic, this cafe is the pride and joy of co-founders Huge and Bear, two nerds that made a fortune in their respective careers then decided that they much preferred the Melbourne gig of bike and brews obsession and sat down and created the perfect formula for Melbourne lifestyle - selling bikes and frothing milk. 

As stated by the lads themselves, they build hardy, fast and sure footed bicycles with simple styling. Featuring all the flare and none of the bullshit - Little Mule Co. delivers the perfect little pit stop in the city for breakfast, lunch and all day coffee pinings. 
I'd come back day after day after day for their muesli (w/ yoghurt, banana and cinnamon) but I'd stay for that malty goodness of a milkshake that delights my orifices. 
Find them here - 
Shop: 19 Somerset Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone+61 3 9670 4904