Baristalker - Hell of the North


So we needed a new one for our hitlist. 

Thanks to for the imagery.

There's no shortage of bars that'll boost your indie cred in Melbourne - but it's nice to see one pop up with a menu where everything is pronounceable and recognisable. Named after the Paris-Roubaix cycle race – nicknamed ‘The Hell of the North’ because of all the crotch impairing bumpy bluestone streets along the race - the cyclists often come out of it with a damaged ego as well as nether region. There ain't no coaxing those little boys out after a day on the bluestone apparently...

These guys have really done up the joint - with an interior that screams my favourite - cobblestone walls and wooden bars anyone? The yellow door and simplistic interior should scream easy going wine bar for any Melbourne bar veteran. 

Will flesh out the article when we have a little try and try later this week - if you have some thoughts or have been there before - post them below!

Hell of the North
135 Greeves St, Fitzroy