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My obsession with socks and stockings is somewhat disturbing. No matter what I go shopping for, I will come back with a pair of knee highs or suspender tights. I suffer an intense fear of online shopping - yet have managed to outsource my collection of ankle socks to a unique supplier in Japan who customises his socks with your name on the heel.

Ahh super kawaii!

How I stumbled across these "Strathcona" stockings in the blogosphere I will never know. It's funny how you can start out on the web perfectly innocently - Google search "pictures of kittens wearing hats" and end up finding the appropriately named "Bonsai Kitten" (do not google this if you don't like the taste of oatmeal twice) and then stumbling across and reading an excerpt from a book titled "Can Sociology contribute to the emancipation of animals" and then find yourself watching extremely graphic and violent youtube videos about the slaves of the nineteenth century - hence becoming super depressed and starting a non-for-profit organisation on the freedom of the Siamese kitten and hiring only minority groups to help spread your campaign.


I suppose it was through this trawling of the web for neck warmers for a ski trip that I found the opposite of what I was looking for in a socks/stockings brand. they are the incredibly new,  virgin untouched "Strathcona" and like all good, wholesome, homemade things they started on Etsy, and have had such a following that branching to other social media outlets deemed the ONLY thing possible.

I think I also fell in love due to the fact they have a GLORIOUS tumblr...cue insane amounts of jealousy

They started in a little-known town situated between the forest and the ocean, Strathocona Stockings are designed and hand printed at their studio in the great northwest of Vancouver, Canada.
The stockings are:

● Soft and silky
● Opaque
● Every print is unique as they are hand printed
● One size fits all

They're all well priced too - normally if you're shopping for luxury socks or stockings you'll pay up to 120 doll-hairs a pair - not here. Due to their nomadic life so far they range from about $30 to $35. Pretty good considering they're a bunch of faux Yanks out in the sticks of the industry.

All I wanted was a cat in a beret but have found my treasure chest of tootsie warmers instead.

Hahaha yeah.

Buy everything here:

And give them some