Stylestalker - Shourouk & My Mother's Style Obsession


Look, I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but it is something that is constantly entertaining me and giving me a reason to keep living at home.

My mother has an addiction to shopping.

Seriously, she has a disease. Not a day goes past where she isn't flicking through catalogues, falling asleep with a Vogue on her face, or down at Sass and Bide putting her name in the "let me know when this is in so I can plan to sell my dog/car/house/child by then" book.

NB: Trivia on my mother's Sass&Bide obsession...she's become such good friends (and such a good customer...) that the folks from S&B actually bought her a Christmas present. She welled up at the sight of her new gold cuff let me tell you - I don't think she would've even been that teary after giving birth to her first child.

One of the funniest things about is that it's slowly and steadily becoming worse. Not only has she taken up all the space in her wardrobe, the family has noticed it filtering through our own storage space. A maxi in my cupboard, a few denim jackets in my brothers rugby drawer, and a pair of suede boots lingering near the dogs bed.

Not that it's a bad thing. I've certainly taken advantage of it over the years. Since moving to Melbourne I've become increasingly less fashionable due to the fact there isn't seventeen wardrobes full of high couture for me to filter through. My volleys and denim shorts have have done the serious hard yards this year.

Which brings me to my topic - after being back home for a short time, it's been time for me to start smashing her wardrobe, and what has become a more recent delight of mine...her jewellery stand.

A mammoth dressing table of glitter and stones, my mother's jewellery collection has grown faster than spoodle on steroids. Sequinned this, 24 carat that, emeralds, aquamarine, turquoise and onyx favouring the display.
It was in this pile of fabulous that I discovered a pendant (pictured below) that would just go fabulously with that new black feather dress I'd found at the back of mums chest of drawers.

I asked her about it and she told me it was Shourouk, a French jewellery designer known for her bright colours, precious stones and abstract aesthetic. She's all splashy sequins, scream at me neon brights - coming at you kind of look. It screams vintage glam with a touch of that alternative modern look everyone seems to be embracing nowadays...I can imagine Agnysse Deyn rocking a few of Shorouk's pieces.

I was sold - though Shourouk is clearly out of my price range - it's too much fun to look at that I couldn't help but blog about it.

Find more of her wares here...or if you're really really