Baristalker - Newsroom Cafe


The dilemma.

You went out last night - and you went out hard. Starting at a house party, you drink from your personal cocktail list - a saucy combo of Passion Pop, Passiona and Fruity Lexia - and chat away to the fresh faced bubbly crowd. In what feels like 3.52 seconds later you wake up face down on your queen single, one heel on, a dead arm and what looks like a combination of pad thai and what looks incriminatingly like McDonald's hot fudge sundae sauce all over your new white dress.

One eye opens, the other is still crusted shut and you realise, painfully and self loathing like, you need to repair that door knock crashing against your temples.

But what's the cure?

Newsroom Cafe. The ultimate in culinary delights and satisfaction. At the mere mention of this fabled place - my friend and I were sent into a distant faraway place full of sourdough, hollandaise sauce and googy eggs that screamed lipidy delights.

So I bundled my hungover arse into the Getz and jetsetted to Toowong to ingest some of the most delicious breakfast I'd had in a long time.

Starting with a coffee, an extremely hot cappucino (oh dreamy) I decided upon beginning the day with good intentions - the "Healthy Start" - My liver was protesting to the amount of damage of which I had done to it last night and the prospect of scrambled egg whites with spring onion, served on a nest of avocado toast and sauteed field mushies sounded simply delightful.

Delicious Scramblies.

My partner in crime decided on the never fail Eggs Benedict with bacon. Her reasoning being "she must still be drunk so she was still allowed to be naughty".

Might I just say - wow. Delicious. So impressed - simple yet tasty fare, the ultimate goal in cafe culture.

And might I just say it was only $14 for this mid morning delight and I was satisfied to the point of implosion.

Normally I'd go their special (they've been favouring the rustic approach of late - spiced chorizo, beans on toast and big chunks of sourdough) but now I know the Healthy Start is definitely going to be my go to for my weekend pit stop.

Try it yourself at

The Newsroom Cafe
1 High Street