Artstalker - Piotr Krysiak


I wouldn't mind maybe one or twenty of these in my house. They remind me of my recent trip to Tasmania - full of blues, green and whimsical sea patterns. They ooze calm and clarity and would look great on a big white wall in front of a nice black couch.

Thick brushes, layers upon layers of acrylic and a dash of multimedia thrown in, you have yourself big beautiful abstract art pieces that'll have you gazing upon it reminded of times spent basking by the big blue.

His newer works embrace a more subtle approach - and I'm personally reminded of an Alaskan (although no doubt it's similar in Poland) winter - spindly dead trees and a chilling cold reminiscent of death and bone-chilling scary stories. You half expect an Arctic wolf to poke his head out of the landscape when looking upon these pieces.

The artist, Piotr Krysiak (yeah pronounce that...) has so little information recorded about him on the net, that finding information is not too dissimilar than trying to teach a hillbilly some Icelandic.

From what I can gather, this down to earth dude is from Krakow, Poland and is quite ruggishly attractive.

Have a look at his pieces (and test your Polish) at