Artstalker - Diego Gravinese


Diego Gravinese gives new meaning to the art form realism.

His hyper-real, scream out loud paintings show just how talented humans can be with the difference between photo and painting being near invisible to the naked eye.

Born Oct 28th, 1971 in the depths of La Plata, Argentina, Diego graduated in 1990 from Fine Arts School and has been kicking goals ever since in the art world.

Recognized now as an international artist, I stumbled across his work in Juxtapoz magazine - singing his praises and generally frothing over his attention to detail. It's funny how some artists slip under the radar - even though they may have supernatural talent. It just goes to show how much connections are valued in the creative industries - and how important it is to have one big break.

Painting mostly subtly erotic portrature, the female form, or just general subject matter that shows off his capability (and whyever not?) Gravinese captures the essence of sex, romance and abstract realism all in a series of brush-strokes. Makes me want to pour milk all over my face too really.

At least he'll never have to buy a camera.