Baristalker - Small Block Cafe


After discovering my new hangout Sugardough, I decided to branch out and go for a wander along the hip-end of Lygon street and see if there was much else to offer. Slash, the fact that the carrot cake icing so delectably pumped out of Sugardough had forced me to consider walking around not just an opportunity to save fuel...but to save me buying a new pair of jeans. 

Whilst wandering I noticed some interesting looking fellows enjoying a brew in a sort of brick enclosed seating area. How hip hop and happening! I thought to myself. I must inspect further!

Needless to say, I was not let down! These fine young alternative specimens of East Brunswick were indulging in the heady daze-inducing delights of mid morning coffee break at Small Block.

Not only was the coffee smell over poweringly delicious, but after a quick gander at the menu - $12 eggs benny and chorizo spiked baked eggs - I was all up and about this joint. 

I ordered myself a mocha and sunk into the kitschy red vinyl chairs and enjoyed the whitewashed walls and brick detailing. I felt like I had walked into the art deco house of my dreams. All whilst in the comfort of a coffee fueled haze. It also helped that the staff member that served me was an uber babe. Like "your-looks-will-last" kind of hot. Baby bringer. Ka-ching.

Make the trip to Small Block - it's delightful.

130 Lygon St
Brunswick East 3057 VIC