Baristalker - Babushka Pop Up Restaurant


And just when we thought that Melbourne couldn't deal with another cool restaurant, what does it go and do? Well - it turkey slaps you in the face with the coolest concept of a restaurant yet - pop up restaurant! 

The idea behind the "pop-up restaurant" is exactly the same as any other pop up store, it performs all the same functions as a regular restaurant, but if you blink - keep on walking by day after day until suddenly...pop! It's not there anymore.

Babushka is Hawthorne's latest addition to the pop up trend. With only six months on the counter you'd better make it your mission to fine dine or wine within the "bespoke" decor, surprisingly comfortable church pews to park your kit on (praying optional) and a plethora of bits and pieces to gaze at whilst you ponder your options. Think a smoking cat in a top hat. Painted red brick walls, black brick walls or whitewashed walls of purity. With mishapen tables to throw you left of centre. Nooks, crannies, and delights in every corner. It's somewhat overwhelmingly contemporary/gothic/hipster for some - but I dig. 

The menu denotes a fondness for taters - with chips making an appearance on most of the options. The options are mostly things you find at a twelve year old's "superhero" party with mini pies, chipolatas and sliders dominating the mains. I wouldn't recommend simply dedicating yourself to dining here when the meals are light and the drinks...well...they're heavy,heady, sultry, seductive brews that'll have you "wining" for more. 

Seriously though - what sounds more refreshing than this delightful concoction?


Ingredients: 30ml Chambord
30 ml Charlie's Berry Smoothie
10 mixed berries
Champagne to top

Method: Muddle, build & top

Glass: Tumbler - crushed ice

Garnish:        Mint sprig & Raspberry

Get in me sil vous plait. 

If you feel that no menu is complete without an after dinner something something to dance all over that sweet tooth of yours than look no further than the butterscotch popcorn or fresh mango sorbet. It's the season of mango too so their sorbet can only look to improve as well. 

So go on, get down and have a look. It's not one of those things you can put off and off because "it'll be there forever" because you know what - It won't.

Corner Burwood Street + Power Street 

Open 6 days for 6 months....

Tue :: 5pm-1am
Wed :: 5pm-1am
Thu :: 5pm-1am
Fri :: 5pm-1am
Sat :: 2pm-1am
Sun :: 2pm-11.30pm