Artstalker - The Creators Project


Here at Stalker, we're kind of obsessed with all things NYC.

And I mean who isn't? Fashion capital. Design capital. Ultra fucking cool capital - Melbourne's attempts at "Brooklyn-ising" certain culture hotspots are just proof that everyone wants to be a little more like NYC.
So I was doing some daily stalking and stumbled across this sick little project that's happening mid-Oct in the heart of the town. It's organised by these guys called the "Creator's Project" and it's all about the fusion of art and technology. It only started last year and apparently, people still recall it with "stars in their eyes"  All of the projects are based on using technology as an artform - which will absolutely blow your mind - think immersive sound installations and audio visual sculptures - concepts you can't even wrap your head around unless you're there and experiencing them.

The Creator's Project gives some real life perspective on where art is heading. More and more artists are using multiple forms of the media and utilising the advances in sound and visual technology to add an extra level of depth to their artworks. Art is becoming more of an "experience" rather than something beautiful to look at. Art may have been a part of our world in the past, but now that we can interact with it - the experiences that we have with it might get to us on a different level.

Not only are they supporting the actual creators but music artists Florence and the Machine, Atlas Sound and a few more will be supporting the event. It's hosted by VICE magazine and Intel - the combination of VICE's street smarts and Intel's grip over technology will no doubt making for a fucking epic launch.

Even though most of you reading won't BE in NYC for the event - make sure you check out their website and watch some of their videos. It will absolutely without a doubt inspire you.

Kudos for the guys are the Creators Project for recognizing this - they're one step ahead of the curve.

Bring it to Melbourne!