Stylestalker - Young Hunting


Sorry for the overload of style-stalker - but you know when you're onto a good thing and you become obsessed and then your whole life is about this one thing and before you know it you're lying naked on your floor screaming Adele lyrics at your twenty-seven cats. 

Thanks FB for that one. 

But really I've just come across so much style that has inspired me lately. There's been just a flux of fashion focus on the interwebs of late and I personally - am loving it. 

I think a lot of it has to do with my introduction to tumblr. The new way I like to waste my time. It doesn't help that Stalker now has a tumblr (YES -- so now I have all these options of reblogging (well I DO like that cat gif! so will the rest of the world!) and the little love heart icon that shows I like the picture, but I don't HAVE to repost it. Gosh, doesn't tumblr think of everyone? 

No it fucking consumes me and fuels my addiction to the aesthetic. Moving on.

Now, melbourne jewellery collective "Young Hunting" are the newest accessory on my mind. I know in previous posts I have divulged in my displeasure in wearing jewellery - but that doesn't stop me "magpie-ing" it as i like to describe it (enjoying it for it's glittery shiny glory and stealing it to decorate my house with but never wearing it and showing it off to other magpies and being all up in that "look at ma maaad bling) 

Young Hunting's uni-sex jewellery is described as "a philosophical exploration that questions and transcends realms influenced by a thematic thought." 

As wanky as that sounds - there's no other way really to describe their stuff - beautiful spiritual stones, abstract metallics, textures, jagged edges and to sum it all up - really beautiful website photography that makes you want to buy it. They must have one hell of a creative director for their website because I was aaaaalll up in their "overlay" and "pastel" shit. Have a gilly and a gander here

At the beginning of the year they collaborated with several other jewellery designers to form the Melbourne Metal Collective - an initiative of Melbourne Fashion Week to showcase astounding talent in the accessory industry. And boy oh boy was it a success. Have a look at the myriad of design inspiration here.

Back to Young Hunting though...all of their pieces are limited - and for good reason too. If you were going to splurge on one of their pieces you'd want no one else to be wearing a crystal moon space rock ring. They're absolutely divine.