Stylestalker - Sharon Tate


I've always found that I draw more inspiration from the women of the past rather than those in the present day. I think that this is mainly due to the influence of trashy magazines and reality tv - the icon aesthetic has shifted from doe eyed robo-babes with defined haircuts and block coloured dresses and knee high socks to a more "unkempt" appeal. 

Think leggy blondes with unkempt locks and pastel pink tips sporting clothes that looked as though they rolled into a drag store for grandmas, ill-fitting and androgynous get-up.  You've seen them all. Those  nameless faces on tumblr and every other recycled picture blog - all up in their alternative-ness. I think they just look dirty, somewhat unwell and that their mothers never took them shopping. Or at least told them that doing a somersault in Vinnies wouldn't make them an Anna Wintour.

I think it's the refinement and the inherent class that the women of the past simply oozed - rather than the "I don't even try" look of today. I spend a good amount of time (and my paycheck...gulp) making my skin, self and mind look and feel good - why the hell would I want it to look like I don't? 

The women of the sixties took a massive amount of pride in their appearance. For some it was all they had - take Edie Sedgwick for example - she was the muse of the "Factory" purely for those "fuck me" eyes and perfectly sculpted jawline. 

She really is ten types of delicious...

However, one of my favourite women of inspiration from the era is Sharon Tate. All dishwater blonde and crazy cool, you're mental if you don't simply go gaga for those goo goo eyes.

Though more famously known for her grisly death at the tender age of 26 rather than her potential in the film industry - she was one of the victims of the infamous Manson family murders. She was eight months pregnant at the time and had a shiny bright glittery future in Hollywood - until she was stabbed umpteen times and laid to rest on her living room floor. 

Whatever you do DO NOT google image that - I wanted to projectile vomit all over my computer screen. And this is a brand new Mac. Don't jeopardize your software for the sake of gore ladies and gents. 

Other than that this soft angelic looking uber stunner modelled, married director Roman Polanski and generally just floated around being an icon - as did most of the Hollywood women of the day did. Fluttering about in Roman Polanski's flick as a vivacious red head in "Fearless Vampire Killers" you could really tell how effortless it was for her to be such a style muse.

It was a much bigger deal to be an icon back then. 
Snookie wouldn't know what the fuck to do.