Stylestalker - COCO & BREEZY SUNNIES


Now normally I'm not one for accessories - I feel weighed down by nail polish, bangles and necklaces make my posture look that of a neanderthal and whenever I wear a beanie/hat/item that belongs on head I am overly conscious that it's there and can't usually wear it for more than halfa.  Even makeup seems to be a bit of a problem - heavy mascara makes me feel like there's a spider on my face. This image puts me in panic mode.

Seriously someone press the escape button...

There's probably a disorder or syndrome that describes this condition but I like to call it one of my "quirks".

Nonetheless the same "weighed" down rule applies to my stance on eyewear or "face bling". I'd rather burn the retina through to the other side of my skull than wear UV protectors wrapped around my face - oh the constriction! 

But rather than sook on about how I can't deal with my life - as I trawled the interweb I stumbled across some absolutely crazy, fantastic drop-dead-wearable sunglasses that any normal person should smack on immediately. 

Coco & Breezy Sunglasses. The GaGa of the eyewear world these glittery, punk inspired, bling rocking, studded, gold, shiny OH so collectable bad boys completely sold me on the eye-dea (lolz) of an alternative look this summer. 

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota Coco and Breezy are two twenty year old identical twin sisters. How cool is that? Known for their fashion obsessions and risky endeavours the two are convinced that "eyewear makes the outfit, clothing are the only accessories". Staying true to their mantra, the two risked everything and packed up their kits and moved to fashion capital NYC when they realised they may have something big to sell.

Surviving purely on their sales, the two are making a killing in the digital realm and are just breaking through in the physical, with celebs like Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams and Kelly Osbourne all parading the shades like no one's business. If those chica's think that these girls' style is rocking then we all know well and truly to jump on the bandwagon. 
They're treading that fine line between - no I will not wear a Tavi Gevinson fascinator on my noggin for the sake of fashion and the I just want desperately to be cool but not so that I am targeted by evil skinny model vixens for it. 

(what the fuck was she thinking?)

They make me want to get over my "quirks" and suffer through a few panic attacks for the sake of fashion. Maybe Coco & Breezy will be my first step of rehab. 

Get all up amongst them sisters at