Baristalker - Sugardough


Who knew there was a part of Lygon street where you weren't being harassed by fifty something year old Italian men to "BELLA DINE INNA MA FIIIIIIINE RISTORANTE!" 

No I will not sit at your plastic table mat table and drink your "goon in a glass" free piss if you rolling your r's in my ear. Did you just say free garlic bread or bruschetta? You have yourself a cus-to-meeeeer my red-faced friend!

On my daily explorations of Melbourne - I decided that I was over munching on seafood pasta on lower Lygon (blasphemy I know but I have to fit into my clothes people) and heard there were some charming Greek restaurants up further. Mmm the thought of slow cooked lamb massaged in spices and some sickly sweet baklava to flake away in my mouth for dessert...oh the thought makes my button undo itself in anticipation!

So on my morning walk I decided to have a gander and mull over the options during the day. Off I went...wander wander wander. 

I don't know if you're anything like me, but I always tend to go places with one intention, and leave fufiling something that is nonetheless, rewarding, but not related to my original intention. Not one bit. 

This time was no different. 
Halfway through my adventure, the smell of freshly baked bread and roasted coffee beans literally grabbed my nostrils with two hands and steered me through Sugardough's front door. Here, all cute and cramped in it's nook and cranny goodness, was a sight for my hunger driven eyes. 
Rows of baguettes, sourdough, pane di casa - freshly baked crusty "begging for buttering" loaves piled high on rustic benches in the corner. 
A myriad of sweets, bombolas, crostatas, a cake that was oozing orange and olive oil delight. Egg and bacon sandwiches being run to hungry business men and big bowls of temptation filled with "Sugardough" toasted muesli, topped with rhubarb compote. 

I was sold. I sat down. Ordered a cappuccino and the free-range ham and eggs on crispy puff pastry and melted into mid morning ecstasy. Delicious. I'm definitely heading back for their brownies ASAP. The Greeks could wait.

Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie
163 Lygon Street
Brunswick East
(03) 9380 4060