Soundstalker - Gauntlet Hair


Maybe it's me just pining for a 60's Queensland summer - all beach bleached locks and sun kissed booties bouncing down the beach, long boards on the water, Woodies on the road, passionfruit ice cream in one hand and sunscreen in the other. People laughing. People smiling. Fuck me it's Summer - vitamin D levels are through the roof and everyone just wants to fucking party in the heat waves, sound waves, crashing waves. Give me a big old beach bonfire and that hot lifeguard (you met him at the surf club when you were ordering a pink lemonade and a XXXX for your dad) wrapped in a blanket beside you while you roast pineapple and marshmellows in the fire. Fall asleep staring at stars and listening to the ocean.

Fuck Summer is the greatest.

Give me some sun Melbourne please I beg you. This tortured albino-saurus rex has had enough of this miserable damp. Too cold for me to leave my bed and not rainy enough for me to not feel guilty about it.

That's why when I heard Gauntlet Hair's track "I was thinking" I instantly thought of a retro Australian summer. And it's not any of that recycled crap either - it's pure and honest music coming from a band that are doing great things. They're an "avant-garde" male duo from Denver that not only have one of THE worst band names in the world - but one of the worst Myspace profile pictures  I've ever seen. 
All they need is a shag rug and some mood-lighting from the sale section at IKEA and we have a B grade soft porn flick right there.

That being said - though their minds may be a wee bit off down yinder yonder when it comes to appealing on an aesthetic level they certainly have their audio down pat. Here's a fan video that I leached off their website/blog thing --> 


They're currently in the throes of making a new album which is all fantastic and makes me think of my freckly faced and tanned youth. It's all very "Waves"-esque - of which we were loving around the same time last year. Lot's of hand claps and synth - lovely and indie mainstream.

Shame most of the tracks have leaked already. It's due out on Oct. 18 2011. 

Listen here --
Gauntlet Hair "Top Bunk" by DOJAGSC