Gee We've Been Slack...


Phwoar we've been a bit slack now haven't we

There's no excuse - but there's no time like the present to make up for it! 

I'll start off with some lovely links to our friends so you can check out what's happening in the big wide blogosphere. 

What I'm OBSESSING over

For StyleStalker- Are you drab? Do you look like a crazy cat lady? Do you wake up to your setting fire to your wardrobe because she's tired of having a drab crazy cat lady for a daughter and needs to hide the evidence of your disgracefulness?

Hel Looks is the one stop spot for all things street smart. That being said - ignore the pretentious wank fluff on the side where the people they shoot get all "deep" about where they got their outfit inspiration from.

Though one was particularly funny when HE ( I repeat HE as in MAN) said "I love wearing rancidly low female necklines"

What a slut.

Seriously great inspiration if your wardrobe is like mine though and you want to kick yourself in the shins for not picking up a few extra shifts at work so you could get your one pair of boots fixed. Seriously though, my boots have two identical matching holes in the front and all of my socks now have the same hole because I refuse to get them fixed and hence effectively walk on the pavement with shoes on. Similar to the concept of the Flintstones moving their car with their feet instead of utilising wheels. 


For SoundStalker - Kimbra. Is she not the hottest thing since sex? That voice sends shivers down my spine...Kimbra shivers...Kimvers...shimbras...That breathy honey like melody she punches out in "Settle Down" makes me want to poke a hole in boyfriends condom next time so I can have a kid called Nebraska Jones quick smart. 

Too far? But look at her really. Ugh she's so cute I want to die.

Nah but this chicks killing it on the music scene isn't she? She's playing Falls and fuck me I can't wait to get this cheeky bottom down to Tassie to ogle her. She's along the same lines of Zooey Deschanel in her babeingness. 

Also, is Gotye attractive in that clip with her? I just can't tell. 

For Baristalker --> Get your butt down to Cooper and Milla's on High Street in Armadale. Goodness gracious me. If you've read any of my previous posts you'll notice I love me muesli. And good god did they hit the nail on the head with this one. Figs, cranberries, toasted coconut, pepitas, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. etc. DELICIOUS BITS OF GOODNESS ALL THROUGHOUT then topped with yummy labneh (bad word, great gooey yoghurty goodness in my mouth) and stewed rhubarb. My mate had the raspberry vanilla pancakes and apparently they tasted like the "laughter and sunshine of a childrens playground in the summertime" 

I didn't know one could pinpoint a "taste" to pedophilia but hey, there's something for everyone.

Gooooood coffee too - and a great selection of tea.

Sourced from

What'll really sell it though is the selection of goodies out the front. Cakes and giant dinner plate sizd raspberry and dark chocolate macaroons. Any type of cake actually, sticky date pudds, oh god it's making me drool over the keyboard. Something I do far too often really, no wonder my mouse touchpad often plays up...

Cooper and Milla's
1094 High Street

Alright that's enough from me - but you'll be hearing from me again shortly soon! I'm back and back and back with lots and lots and lots to write about.