Soundstalker - P E A C E


Last year was the year of the Crystal, not crystal meth, but Crystal Castles, Crystal Fighters, Crystal Antlers, Crystal Stilts, Crystal Waters, Crystal Distortion, Crystal Swells, The Crystal Method(Alternative!) and Crystal Vision. As mentioned in the Hunting Bears post, last year also saw the obsession of bands being named after several furry animals.

Well by chance i stumbled upon band PEACE. With such a broad name, they're hard to find, however, definitely worth the listen. On first appearances they seem to conform to several of the various indie trends of this year:
-The upside-down 'satan' cross
-The Wu Lyf-esque splice art
-Post-foals 'stuttering' guitar
-This element of mystery
-Triangles..... they're everywhere.
 ....just to name a few.

But pushing past this facade, there is something unique and surprisingly alluring about this band. I'd say I've listened to their song 'BBlood' at least 30 times. The light guitar and subtle percussion coupled with the epic husky indie vocals of Harry Koisser lead to a pretty perfect track in my eyes. Demo 'Vials' shows another side of this band, with a greater focus on drums and an electronic sound.

Despite ticking many a indie cliche, no-one can deny a catchy guitar riff and a ooooo vocal hook.
Find these boys here:

Give PEACE a chance.