Baristalker - Wooly Bully


By Stalkette - Bec Fary
The Auction Rooms have had a lot of hype recently, but there’s a new kid in town who’s moved in across the road. And the record/comic book store/cafe hybrid that is Wooly Bully is, to say the least, amazing.
With very ‘50s colourful walls, coffee cups to match in every shade of bright pastel colours and some quirky art work, this place is so very cosy. One wall is dedicated to a hand-picked collection of LPs, 7”s and cassettes covering garage, punk, some country, pop and all kinds of crazy shit that I’ll admit I’ve never heard of before, as well as some killer comic books.
As well as the great coffee flowing, I don’t think you need another reason to check this new kid out, but I did spy a delicious-sounding list of bagels and sandwiches to keep you going.
Opening night was packed, with people spilling onto Errol St to listen to Super Wild Horses warm this new spot up (there will be regular in-store appearances though if you missed out), and after just one day Wooly Bully is looking like the perfect North Melbourne hang-out.
“If you like stuff you’re going to love Wooly Bully”. 
Wooly Bully’s is at 104 Errol St, North Melbourne

Visit their website here at
Wooly Bully