Soundstalker - Sandel


Here is just a quick introduction to Sandel. The Australian
born singer-songwriter who is carving her way into the mainstream. Recently she made the move to New York, and has since been attracting the ever increasing attention of the musical press.
With her her outstanding second ep, LINES, Sandel has really confirmed her role in the future of Australian music.
Please buy this ep, it's like 2.81$, that's less than your
average coffee, give your heart a break and let your soul free.

P.s, However, Don't go googling, "Sandel lines- Images" as you may just end up with some fat persons feral feet tan lines, not the delicate enticing vocals you were expecting.

Here is my favorite off her debut ep:
And a favorite off the the new Ep, Lines: 

Downloading music illegally is an unearned wealth.
Support this artist.

Sandel's fantastic song, "Otherside" will feature on the "STALKER compilation 1". Expect some more from Sandel in our upcoming, PUBLISHED, magazine,... STALKER.