Soundstalker - Otouto


Who doesn’t miss a life before the word “indie” arose? A time when we could all run around with our socks pulled up, shirts tucked in, ray bans on and just be considered another humble person, instead of being branded and shamed as ‘an indie’
Well I have a dream! And fantastic people being named and shamed as “indie” are helping me achieve it. If you’re in the same category as these guys you’re doing alright I say.

Otouto from artist-run record label Two Bright Lakes are a three piece “indie band” of wonders. The have been named feature album on Melbourne’s 3RRR, Sydney’s 2SER and Perth’s RTR but I suspect there is more to see from them yet.

Give them a listen, they might make you want to grow a fringe, pick up a tambourine or reconsider your stance on all indie kind.

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By Hannah Lavery