Baristalker - St Judes


-By Hannah Lavery

When I ask for an extra strong flat white with no sugar, I do not expect the coffee equivalent of this man, I expect some legitimate strength.
St Judes Cellars on Brunswick Street Fitzroy serves me up a vigorous coffee every lunch break. With a beautiful interior (and not bad looking wait staff either) St Judes is the perfect way to get a taste for gourmet without splurging too much. This open warehouse conversion maintains the perfect balance between an upperclass restaurant and a laid back café, so you can tailor your experience.

Go all out and grab a beautifully cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner which will set you back between $18-$30

Or go for the classic combination of coffee – absolute novelty as it is beyond dishwater strength – paired with cheap and delicious cake or tapas.

If you’re feeling particularly broke but still in need of some nutrients, St Judes hands out a $10 dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday nights if you sit at the bar. But on an everyday basis they serve up a smooth cheesecake, delicious Italian biscuits, and eggs with soldiers that have little militant faces on them!
So much good to choose from.

That coffee, to me, looks more like a beautiful black man.
389-391 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(near the corner of Alexander parade and Brunswick Street)