Stylestalker - Hold Me Closer Duffel Coat from Tiny Dancer


by Stalkette - Hannah Lavery
My dreaded aspiration this month has been to get my head out of the clouds and start dressing more suited to the weather. This is not inspired only by the window display of Brunswick’s “Tiny Dancer” but also by the ridiculous trinkets people whip out in extreme weather. I’ve seen cyclists with mini-umbrellas, spray jackets with built in visors and women who suddenly pull out a million daggy cardigans out of their cars or handbags like they can almost sense a cool change coming.

Am I the only one ill equip for winter? The only ignorant one who wakes up, ignores all weather forecasts, and puts on whatever makes me feel happiest that morning?
This small Sydney Road boutique has luckily saved all of us (assuming I’m not alone) who are not prepared for the wild and aren’t willing to wear dreary clothes when winter kicks in and that mini skirt is just not justifiable.
Tiny Dancer is not an Elton John tribute store but a local retailer with beautiful knits, shoes, shirts, jackets and all things sweet and simple. Owner Nicky Overall also stocks her own line of accessories. 
I’ve got my eye keen on a thick blue duffle coat (see above) which feels like a cosy blanket but looks like stylish, easy fitting winter jacket straight from London. Current stock has my favourite palette of rich colours; tan, burgundy and navy. So please put away all your weird winter-warmers that would make my grandma embarrassed and swing by this cutie for a quick-fix for your fashion chills.