Soundstalker - Wild Beasts, Smother Review


Supposedly, we all have that secret sex playlist. The enticing rhythms that can get you heart(and hips) pounding, the softly strung guitar which hits all the right notes(and parts), and the sensual voice and evocative lyrics that work in tandem to a sonic and physical climax. No Akon's "I Just Had Sex" is not a example. However, this genre sub-class of sex music is most noticeably found in R&B, not eloquent (posh) indie pop.

This is Wild Beasts third album now, and yet again, it is obssessed with, intimacy, intercourse, lovemaking, desire, mating, passion, whoopeeing(WTF thesaurus??), frustration, tenderness and yep, sex. To be honest, I've never really been a fan of Wild Beasts. I saw then support CSS in the Astoria(R.I.P) London, but Mystery Jets were supporting too, and well, indie under-agers are going to go wild for heavy hooks and dazzling pop, not the flaccid falsetto and whirring guitars of Wild Beasts. I think i might have even booed them....dickhead much!?
Forgive me Wild Beasts, for I have sinned. Your new album is mighty good.

Titled 'Smother' this album gently coaxes you in to that sensual state, cradling you across clouds of calm and away from calamity. Caress, Coax, Cradle not Smother. At first, yes, it's hard to get your head around, and particularly learn to love the now full falsetto of singer Hayden Thorpe. Once past this hurdle, this band is no longer wild, but tamed, allowing you to engage and engulf yourself in the music. Buy it

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