Soundstalker - Niki and The Dove


When I decided to blog about this dance duo, I was merely intending on focusing upon a single song i found by them, Mother Protect. However, upon doing some research i realised that I had been seriously underestimating this band. From the 4 songs on their Myspaz, each one is gold.
The two stand-outs of 'Mother Protect' and 'Dj Ease My Mind' bring drama reminiscent of The Knife- though as said by Erik Hassle 'they're like The Knife but better". Then the beautiful hidden diamond i stumbled across; 'The Fox'- their upcoming single. Dripping with some filthy glam pop and sharp synths, this track is pretty much irresistible. Why does Sweden happen to have the hottest kids and the best bands? Pick up your game Australia..Miranda Kerr and Bag Raiders arn't all that great.

The Fox - Niki & The Dove
Mother Protect - Niki & The Dove
DJ, Ease My Mind - Niki & The Dove