Soundstalker - CocknBullKid, Adulthood Review


Love or hate Lady Gaga, I think you can agree that her new album 'Born This Way' can't really compete with the subtle innuendos of 'Poker Face' or insane catch-ability of 'Bad Romance' from her previous records. Furthermore with Lilly Allen "retiring from music" and Ke$ha on her "Get $leazy tour" this gap in the music industry seems to be widening, gagging for some simple, catchy, P.O.P.

The answer lies ahead, however, today's society is so saturated by mainstream R&B, that once a black girl pops up in the music industry, we immediately jump to the conclusion she'll be gyrating around a yellow Lamborghini with bottles of Cristal champagne dripping from every orifice. Well CocknBullKid is here to dispel that preconception and fuck with your notion of who can make great pop music today. 

Slowly but surely Anita Blay, the woman behind CocknBullKid has seeped and creeped her way into the central hub of the music industry, attracting attention from critics and ultimately major label Island, resulting in the release of her debut, 'Adulthood'.

With great lines such as, "One pill makes you an absolute know-it-all", "Her words are made of glitter/She’s a bullshitter" and "Oh London I'll never forget you/You were the one i lost my two front two teeth to", CocknBullKid manages to cover mature issues yet through simple, almost childlike melodies. This genius soon tires though, from peaking in the first quarter, the album becomes too sickly sweet, leading to the once harmless pop grating and chiseling away at your sanity. Saying this, I'm a massive fan - placed in isolation nearly every track on this album works successfully.
Welcome to the Church of the CocknBullKid. Amen.

CocknBullKid - CocknBullKid
Asthama Attack - CocknBullKid
Hold On To Your Misery - CocknBullKid