Stylestalker - Fred Butler Style


Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Patrick Wolf, La Roux, Bishi, Lykke Li have all worn prop-accessories by London based designer Fred Butler.
You can tell from the names listed, and the pictures surrounding this post i guess, that these accessories are pretty crazy. Centered round colour and geometric shapes, Butler crafts most of these items from origami plastics and paper--> NIF-TY.  Her most recent collection, A/W 2011, perfectly exhibits these two features distinct features that she's coming to be known for.  If you check out her past collections, its much more gold and gothic- and take a look at her stream of fashion, music and rambings BLOG.

You can purchase some of her work, though its pricey, well really pricey. Think 300-600 pounds, Ouch. However all you arty kids out there, go do it your self... then sell it to us.
Anyway. Her work is pretty inspiring and by introducing an element of what you might see in a Fred Butler piece, you're instantly cool... Yeah you are!